VIDEO: Stephen Amell Previews The Rest Of Arrow Season 2

February 26, 2014
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TV Fanatic took a trip to Vancouver to chat with Arrow cast members and Stephen Amell was one of them. He talks Felicity and her relationship with Oliver, Sara and their history and teases tonight’s scene.

Stephen Amell Sizes Up the Growing Team Arrow and Teases Massive Finale

February 25, 2014
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TremorsMatt Webb Mitovich from TV LINE talked to Stephen Amell about the upcoming episode (so close now! Airs tomorrow), the show renewal and more.

TVLINE | How does the lead of a show find out about renewal? Is it a [WBTV president] Peter Roth phone call? Is it [CW president] Mark Pedowitz…?
You know, Peter Roth has been so wonderful to me — you can print that. [Laughs] He called me the morning after we premiered and he was really excited, and then he called me the morning after our second episode, when our numbers held, and he was like, “It’s on, baby.” He was super pumped. Mark Pedowitz had a conversation with several execs, and then I found out about a half hour before [the press release], because they wanted me to tweet the news and share it on Facebook. It’s good because we’ve seen some really interesting growth in terms of some demographics that are a tough get. I fully expected the show to be renewed, but I’m also of the school that I can’t…. I mean, I haven’t even extended the lease on my apartment yet, so it’s a real honor that they have faith in us and that they do these early renewals.

TVLINE | Coming out of the last episode, “Heir to the Demon,” both Sara and Roy are basically on the team now. How will that affect dynamics inside the Arrowcave? I mean, it’s getting a little crowded there.
Well, they’re “on the team” with a lowercase T. I mean, there’s myself, Diggle and Felicity, and everybody else for the moment is just kind of a visitor.

TVLINE | They’re “available assets.”
Exactly. I didn’t bring Roy in by choice; I brought him in out of necessity. So his introduction to the team is going to be a bit slower than most people think. He’s not coming out of the next episode in a red version of my suit. He’s very much on the periphery. Canary, on the other hand, immediately becomes like a full-fledged member of the team. Like, when I go out, she goes out — and vice versa.

TVLINE | And how do Diggle and Felicity take to her in that capacity?
I think that they understand her skill set, but in this coming episode (airing Wednesday at 8/7c), it definitely ruffles some feathers. Like you said, it’s not a very big cave.

TVLINE | The logline for that episode says that after seeing Oliver, Diggle and Sara comparing battle scars, Felicity “starts to feel left out.”
Felicity doesn’t actually become intimidated when we’re comparing battle scars. She become intimidated when, out of nowhere, Sara infringes — or so she perceives — on her territory a bit in terms of something that needs to be done on the computer. That’s where feathers are ruffled, so Felicity tries to branch out a little bit.

TVLINE | As far as Diggle versus Royversus Sara, what do you see their specialties as being? Do they serve specific purposes?
Well, Diggle is seasoned. In the show and in real life, Diggle is older than me. He has more experience with combat than I do. He has some tactical know-how, and he’s very much my “Pump the brakes for a second and think about what you’re doing” guy. He’s my conscience in some respects. Roy, meanwhile, is just brute force, and if we are on a very calculated, precise mission, he’s not the person that I call.

TVLINE | He’s a liability.
Precisely. But when the stakes get raised — and I’m sure as you would anticipate, the stakes are being raised very shortly — we need somebody with the Mirakuru to match up to other people who have the Mirakuru.

TVLINE | Speaking of the Mirakuru, it’s been a bit quiet on that front for the past couple episodes. Is that because the team is supposed to believe that they got Skull Mask? That he’s been neutralized?

You saw that Brother Blood was in cahoots with Slade Wilson and that their initial attempt to mass-produce the serum wasn’t successful. Slade said that he would get him another sample of the blood, but obviously that hasn’t happened yet. But we are about to see that storyline jump right back into the mix.

TVLINE | Oh, in this next one, Episode 14?
The end of this next episode is one of our best in terms of, “Please let it be the following week right away!” And it’s actually funny, because I’m a big fan of Robert Knepper (who’s guest-starring as The Clock King), and as it turns out I didn’t actually get to work with him. But I saw a cut of the episode and he’s justfantastic. It was a real honor to have him on the show.

Full interview here.

Arrow: Time of Death (2.14) Clip

February 25, 2014
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The long wait is almost over; Arrow is all new tomorrow! Check out a short clip for the upcoming episode.

A Day In Stephen Amell’s Life

February 19, 2014
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In honour of hitting one million facebook friends, Stephen filmed a day of his life. He shows us what he most likes to do during his free time on set, interviews his co-stars and preforms a Salmon Ladder pull-up.

Stephen Celebrates One Million Facebook Fans

February 18, 2014
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Stephen Amell not only found a way how to stay in touch with his supporters – while doing that, he has also created a very unique profile full of the latest Arrow updates, Q&A’s and meme contests. His page grows rapidly and every single say he gains thousands of new likes. Today, he is celebrating over a million facebook friends! Congratulations, Stephen!

The actor is currently preparing a special video for us. Here’s a short preview of it.

Arrow: Photoshoot Outtakes and Time of Death (2.14) Official Stills

February 15, 2014
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I added four newly released HQ images into our gallery. The photoshoot photos came out last Fall, but until now we didn’t have a high-quality version. I also updated the Arrow stills sections with some missing episode stills. Check them out here.

Gallery Links:

Arrow: Preparations For The Biggest Fight Scene

February 14, 2014
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“We’re planning the biggest fight sequence in the history of TV,” Stephen Amell shared with his fans. “These are 2 parts of the 8 sections.”

In the video he just posted on his youtube channel, Stephen trains with professionals. He isn’t allowed to tell what episode they are currently filming, but according to Marc Guggenheim‘s twitter, it’s most likely 2.18 titled Deathstroke.

Arrow: Season 3 Confirmed

February 14, 2014
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We have another season of Arrow ahead of us! The CW’s most-watched show is one of the five The CW has given early renewals to.

As it has done in the past couple of years, the CW has given early renewals to its strongest series. The list includes flagship dramas The Vampire Diaries and Arrow, formidable veteran Supernaturaland freshmen The Originals and Reign. Left off are the proverbial bubble shows whose renewals chances are estimated to be 50-50 at best. That includes Beauty & the Beast, The Carrie Diaries, Hart of Dixie and The Tomorrow People. Their odds will improve or get worse depending on the performance of the CW’s upcoming midseason series The 100, which is getting strong buzz and is being touted as a potential long-term player for the network, as well as alien romanceStar-Crossed.

After an inauspicious launch behind mothership series The Vampire Diaries, The Originals has flourished in the Tuesday 8 PM slot despite gloom and doom predictions about its face-off with ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Its potent pairing with Supernatural has doubled the CW’s Tuesday night ratings year-to-year in adults 18-34 (+100%, 1.4 vs. 0.7), grown +150% in adults 18-49 (1.5 vs. 0.6), and gained +88% in total viewers (3.2 million vs. 1.7 million). With the new lead-in, Supernatural has found another gear, posting double-digit increases year-to-year in total viewers and all key demos, and recently logging its most watched episodes since 2010.

Arrow is the CW’s most-watched series (3.9 million), while The Vampire Diaries continues to be the network’s highest-rated show in all key demos in its fifth season, and season to date is ranked #2 in the Thursday 8 PM time period among adults 18-34 (1.8 – tie), and #3 in adults 18-49 (1.8), ahead of ABC and NBC. Period drama Reign has been a swing for the CW, and the network brass have been happy with its creative direction. The series has done OK in the ratings (3.25 million viewers, a +4% time period improvement vs.Beauty and the Beast last season) and performs well digitally. Additionally, Reign comes from CBS TV Studios, while the other four newly picked up series all hail from the CW’s other studio partner, Warner Bros. TV. TVD and The Originals are co-produced by Alloy.

Stephen shared his excitement on his favourite social network. “FACEBOOK! Arrow Season 3 is happening. I LOVE EVERYBODY!!!” he wrote. Earlier today he also posted a photo, where he poses next to Colton Haynes (Roy) and Caity Lotz (Sara/Black Canary).


Congratulations to the whole team!


Stephen Amell Creates a Youtube Channel

February 7, 2014
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After taking over twitter, facebook and Instagram, Stephen decided to join another social network site. He can now also be found on youtube.

You can subscribe to Stephen’s channel here.

Arrow: Time of Death (2.14) Preview

February 6, 2014
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Arrow is currently on a short hiatus, so there’s no episode next week. It’s going to be really hard to wait until February 26, after what we saw last night. Bellow, you can watch a short trailer.

The extended version can be seen here.

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